About Sharp Lawn Inc.

Sharp Lawn comes from humble beginnings with just two trucks and a few mowers. Our company began 35 years ago when owner, Steve Jennings, started the business with a good friend. The two rented a barn to store equipment and serve as their home base. They worked hard to acquire customers and complete the work themselves and were known to work from dawn to dusk.

Things look a little different now at Sharp Lawn—today we serve over 1,000 customers, operate from a 25,000 square foot warehouse, employ over 40 people during peak season, and can meet your every lawn and landscape need. We have learned a lot over 35 years and keep a few core pieces central to our company in service to customers and employees.

Family Centered Small Business

One aspect of the company that has remained through the years is a small business and family-centered feel. In fact, now each member of the Jennings family plays an integral part in the company. By extension, many employees consider themselves part of the family and we maintain a tight-knit community taking special care of our employees as often as we can. From the pre-made lunch line in the morning to making a point to get to know our employee’s needs, we know a personal touch is the right approach even in a business setting.

The family centered, small-business feel greatly impacts the way customers receive service with Sharp Lawn as well. We love getting to know our customers and in many cases becoming a part of their lives. In fact, we almost exclusively serve home-owners, so our company is set up to meet your needs and be available to you as a customer. You can talk to a friendly person when you call our office that can answer your questions and get you what you need. It is essential to have people you can reach and trust to take care of your property and outdoor space.

Quality Work and Execution

Another keystone of the Sharp Lawn experience is quality work and execution. We believe quality is in the details and each member of our team is trained to the highest industry standard to take care of your outdoor space. We don’t take short cuts and we don’t complete work that won’t stand the test of time. We want to drive by your house in 5 years and be proud of the work we accomplished!

Full Service

In fact, Sharp Lawn can take care of you entire outdoor space from landscape design, maintenance, and installation to lawn care maintenance including mowing and lawn treatments to keep your yard maintained and weed-free. Our flower installation and weeding service can provide a colorful, well-maintained landscape bed—in addition to some fun containers for your porch. We also specialize in patio and sidewalk upgrades with high-quality patio pavers by Techo Bloc; and we use this same high quality material for retaining walls. We offer irrigation installation, repairs, and maintenance, as well as solutions for those soggy spots in your yard due to drainage issues. We even install beautiful holiday lighting that you’ve likely seen in your neighborhood around the holidays!

Throughout the years, we’ve grown to learn how to provide all of these services at a high quality. We love spending time in neighborhoods like yours to make Lexington and your space more beautiful. 

Contact us today for a free estimate. We will work with you to design, create, and maintain an outdoor living space that will inspire and delight you!

Our mission is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations!
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